OM is the path and OM is the destination

Is CrossFit for you ?

People from all ages and all backgrounds are welcome to join. You don’t have to be strong or fit to join up. Every workout we do can be scaled to suit your current level of ability.

The friendly trainers will help you choose appropriate modifications to every workout ensuring that it is achievable but challenging. The community ranges from people who are looking to have fun while getting fit, to people who are serious about competing. So if you are looking to improve your general fitness and wellbeing as well as vastly improving your quality of life then CrossFit is for you!

People usually fall into one of two categories when it comes to CrossFit. The 1st type is usually the younger, energetic, go-geter who is looking for a higher level of fitness and the next great challenge. They are all over the main site at and we’ve got several of those types here at HIT CrossFit. These are the guys and gals that enter events like the Garage games and other CrossFit competitions, who breathe fire and go hard or go home. But if you are a guy in his late 30′s who got bored of the same old-same old in the local globo gym, or like several others here who are both men and women in their 30′s that wanted to find a more fun, diverse way to stay in shape, run further, faster and longer, to tone and tighten their arms and legs and get rid of the dreaded “love handles” then you are probably looking around the site and thinking to yourself “is this crazy form of exercise for me?”. The answer is a resounding “Maybe”.

The needs of the average, everyday Joe and Jane and the needs of a professional or Olympic athlete differ by degree, not by kind.* “Huh?” you say? Lets put it this way: We all want to look a certain way, to look “fit”, to live longer with a better quality of life and to feel better. We can accomplish all of this if we increased power, strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, agility and balance, right? The truth is that the very same methods that are used on the worlds greatest athletes to make them preform at their best are the same methods that will help us attain the goals we just stated above. There is no way that the majority of the people out there can lift as much or as well as on Olympic Athlete. It’s why they ae called “Olympic Caliber Athletes”. What we CAN do is to scale the exercises to ANYONE; from kids to Grandparents, EVERYONE has a level in that they can preform at CrossFitOM. We program the exercises to challenge best athlete at the gym; that doesn’t mean that its set in stone. You can adjust the weight or the number of reps down to your level at no consequence. We help you set your own intensity level to accommodate any fitness or comfort level. The exercises don’t change, the way you lift doesn’t change and the methodology doesn’t change. The weight, reps and intensity do.

Now that being said, “Is CrossFit for YOU?”. Well, if you are happy with the way you look and feel, with the results you got the last time you exercised and the routine of pre-programmed exercise then NO. Stay where you are and stay the wayyou are. But, if you like new challenges, the excitement and camaraderie of one on one competition and constantly varied, higher intensities of exercise and the results that are in direct correlation with the work and dedication you bring, then YES. Come on in, join the group and get CrossFitOM !!



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