OM is the path and OM is the destination

WOD: 12/12/2016


“One of the better things in life to start young “


@ 0:00

400m row / run / 1k airdyne

Joint mobility and dynamic warm up 


@ 10:00

Mobilise and warm up to the WOD 


@ 20:00

Every 2mins for 10mins

3-3-3-3-3 back squats @ increasing weight

. Do not go till failure, leave 2 reps in your tank on the last set 

@ 30:00

Every min for 5mins

Load up the bar with 120-130% of your max and just stand under the bar for 10secs. Keep going heavier if you can


Emom for 5mins 

30secs squat hold

30secs sit ups 


@ 45:00

Emom for 16mins 

1st min: 12 pull ups

2nd min: 10 power cleans @ 50%

3rd min: 12 renegade rows @ 12.5kg/7.5kg

4th min: 10 calories 

. Go heavier on the cleans if you feel like challenging yourself 

. Beginners can do the renegade rows without dbs


5 rounds

400m run

30 clapping push ups

20 jumping squats 


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