OM is the path and OM is the destination

WOD: 06/12/2016



@ 0:00

400m row / run / 1k airdyne 

Joint mobility and dynamic warm up 


@ 10:00

Mobilise and warm up to the WOD 


@ 20:00

Every 90secs for 15mins 

Odd intervals: 7 bench press @ increasing weight

Even intervals: 10 reverse grip bent over rows @ increasing weight


@ 45:00


Hang power cleans @ 60%

Push press / push jerk @ 60%

. The idea is to complete a set unbroken without leaving the bar

. If you happen to leave the bar in the middle of the set then do 5 burpees as a penalty 

. Beginners can replace the hang power cleans with med ball cleans and use db for push press. No penalty for beginners. Do 5 burpees after every set is complete


Complete 200 push ups

Each time you stop do 400m run


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